On the blog: Chelsea White Photography

It's a truth rarely acknowledged to strangers, but a truth nonetheless: florists are dead in the water without talented photographers. My attempts to photograph my own flowers are generally abysmal. That's why when a florist finds a great photographer, we make friends. A good photographer can capture image of something so temporal and make it last. Not to mention, flowers can be hard to photograph. The layers and textures can be difficult to capture. Chelsea is not only talented, she's kind, reliable and generous. So much so she offered to photograph me as I worked! Take a look. 

Chelsea and I met when I did a styled shoot for her:

And as a thank you, she generously offered to photograph me in action.


Another secret I'll share with you: floral work is not pretty. There are lots of buckets of cold water, thorn-pricked fingers, messy green-smushed stem parts, and lots of debris around when you make an arrangement. So when Chelsea came to photograph me in action, she had her work cut out for her! She did a fantastic job, though. 

First off, I'm not above raiding my own yard for a bride. 

 I love to work with Tia Gibson's art cheering me on. 


This is the face my dog makes at me when I work; mostly because I won't let him chew on leaves and stems!

I live in one of the few old growth neighborhoods in Dallas, and it provides me so much inspiration. I'm so thankful Chelsea was able to capture that. 


Thank you, Chelsea, for a wonderful day and for being a mutual support of working ladies with hugely engaging businesses. High five to you.