On the blog: Jen + Mack

As someone who both owns her own business and has a full time marketing job, sometimes my work in one fades over into my work in the other. I'll put it this way: I've definitely been known to store flowers in my office closet! But my absolute favorite overlap is when I get to do flowers for my friends and coworkers. My boss, Mack, married his longtime love, Jen in Austin and honored me by asking me to do their flowers. Jen loved anemones and is a UT grad, and as Mack went to TCU, well, the color scheme clearly had to be bright, fun, and representative of their school pride! 

Look at them!

Look at them!

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.02.22 AM.png

It was a fantastic day! Yeehaw!

Venue:  Olive + June     

Photographer: Gloria Goode Photography